Simplify. Engage. Thrive.

Meet the all in one HR AI powered platform that engages your workforce and automates the work your HR and Management team does not have time for.

Amazing results for amazing clients

Automate tasks

Save Time and Money

HR and managers spend 80% of their time on repetitive admin tasks.

Improve retention

Engage with Personalized Interactions.

High turnover rates are costly and disruptive. TeddySpark's AI-powered HR platform ensures every employee feels heard and valued, increasing retention and satisfaction.

An AI-powered HR platform that team members
truly love.

Meet the conversational HR platform that centralizes all of your tools, where your team members can ask and get accurate responses fast.

“Modern look and very user friendly” – Pat, Head of Field HR, Pilgrims.

“Brilliant! Solves a lot of my pain points when it comes to engaging my team members” – Veronica W., Sr. HR Manager, PGTI

“So easy to use, I can use multiple languages, I can find everything all in one place. Super engaging and fast! I love TeddySpark” – Liz L, Team Member, Goodwill

“Great tool that can integrate with multiple systems so our team members have a great experience, love that it is mobile first and the company updates so we can communicate to our large workforce at once” – Mark G, Head HRSS, Nutrien

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Simplify. Engage. Thrive

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